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Had enough already?




Feb. 17th 1998

I WORK ON THE PAGES EVERY DAY NOW. As you can tell, feedback and guidance is needed and greatly appreciated. I'd love to hear from you.


Feb. 16th 1998

I've learned have to scan, so there will be more and more pictures coming. Other than that, I'll try to work a bit on the logical structures of my pages as well. The layout will have to suffer until I get more stuff on it's feet. The pictures coming up soon are from hiking trips in Norway, my home, and other stuff.

There's actually hope for my pages, because, like Thomas indicates in my guestbook (use it), when there's no snow, I might as well sit here.

Take care, have fun. simen

Jan. 13th 1998 "At least once a month" I said one and a half month ago...

I'm finally back, after a long vacation. I spent Christmas at Notteroy. We celebrated New Year's eve at Marte's house in Oslo. Incredibly we got away with viewing the rockets on a distance although we went to Frognerparken.

Saturday Jan. 3rd, we arrived Les 2 alpes (france) after 32 hours on the bus. 8 days of skiing, the last four in sunny weather, really was great. The best two days were wednesday and friday, both in Serre Chevalier. An excellent ski resort.

This year I'll continue working in the PR department in The Norwegian research council, with The Norwegian research week '98. It will be my third year, and I really have a good time working there. The big load of work on the project is concentrated to August and September, partly June. Therefore I'll work less now during winter. In other words I'll usually have fridays off to go skiing;-)

Dear friends! (Nov. 26th 1997)

The purpose of having this page on the net is to get in touch with people I know (or would like to know) around the world, who might, for some reason, try to get in touch with me through a seek engine.

I will, however, try to give an update on my life AT LEAST once a month. As a part of this, you will find a short list of links that reflect what I'm into at the moment. This is not supposed to be a substitute for e-mails, but those who know me will understand that e-mail is my only way of communicating in writing. I hope that works for you. SO PLEASE DROP ME A MAIL TODAY!


Love, simen