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- Am I cool or what?
Photo: Jon Asgeir Lystad

.Motorbikes at Simen's

A lot of the searches that lead to my page
contain the bikes below. Unfortunately
the articles are in Norwegian, printed in
Vi Menn magazine
They publish a lot of the articles on the
web and have a really good search tool.

I'm sorry that I can't offer links and
other resources on the topic.

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R u happy!?
In august '98 I helped my friend Morten with an R-bike test for Vi Menn (mag.) where he works. In this pic Jon Asgeir is enjoying himself on the R-1. This winter he did 320 km/h on a Hayabusa. And he calls it a job...
Jon Asgeir on R-1
Photo: Egil Nordlien:

Two articles were recently in the magazine. Check out their web: CBR900RR - R-1 - ZX9R  and  ZX9R vs. ZX6R



My own bike?
I had a GSX 750 '80 for one year. Now anymore I have the nicest little brother who doesn't use his RD 350. And he gladly(?) lets me borrow it. In 1998 I did two trips "around" Norway, one long and one short, for a total of 2000 kms. Now, in 1999, I've only had one trip - 800 kms.

In my current personal situation I'd rather get a motorbike than a car. Although I'm living in Norway!

There will probably be pictures around.


Here's Marit on the ZX6R outside Tuddal Høyfjellshotell

tuddhfhrype2a.jpg (46061 bytes)